ECP restores two more parliamentarians’ membership
ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Thursday restored the membership of two more parliamentarians and allowed them to function as members of National and Provincial assemblies on submission of their statements of assets and liabilities to it.
According to an ECP official, the parliamentarians, who were suspended over non-submission of their assets details, had now filed their statements of assets and liabilities, and fulfilled the legal requirement in conformance with the relevant election laws.
The members who got restoration of their membership included one member Punjab Assembly and one member National Assembly.
It is pertinent to mention here that the ECP had suspended the membership of 318 parliamentarians for non-submission of till their statements of assets and liabilities.
The Election Rules, 2017 provide that every member of an assembly and Senate would submit to the ECP on or before December 1st each year, a copy of his statement of assets and liabilities, including assets and liabilities of his spouse and dependent children, as on 30th day of June on Form B.
The election rules also provide that the Commission on 16th day of January, by an order, suspend the membership of a member of an assembly and Senate who fails to submit the statement of assets and liabilities by 15th day of January and such member will cease to function till he or she files the statement of assets and liabilities. - APP