Sugar, wheat crises due to govt’s negligence, acknowledges PM Imran
Statesman Report
LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday stated that the wheat and sugar crises in the country happened due to the government’s negligence.
The premier was addressing the distribution ceremony for Sehat Sahulat Cards in Lahore where he was the chief guest.
Addressing the gathering at the Governor House, the prime minister began his speech amid roaring applause and cheers from party workers present on the occasion.
Addressing Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid, the premier congratulated her for providing the health cards to five million families.
“I never said that we will make Pakistan an Asian tiger. I had said that we will make Pakistan a great nation, following in the footsteps of Madina. And the most important principle for Madina is humanity.
“Humanity means that a great nation takes responsibility for the people at the lowest level,” he said, adding that the reason for making Shaukat Khanum Cancer Memorial Hospital was because he can never forget the face of a man at Mayo Hospital who was told he would have to buy yet more medication for his ailing brother.
“If I would have never seen the face of that man, then I would have never made the cancer hospital and maybe never have entered politics.”
“For the first time, we have removed all duties on importing medical equipment because we need hospitals. We are providing incentives on both ends, he added.
Referring to the controversial MTI act, the prime minister said that there is a dire need to sort out the management of healthcare facilities. “There is no accountability in government hospitals. The rich go to private hospitals, while the richer go to London for medical treatment.”
This move is not meant for privatisation, this is to improve our healthcare institutions, he assured.
Talking about the rise in inflation, Imran explained that when the rupee falls, the price of imports increases.
“But the price of certain things, such as wheat and flour, increased due to our negligence,” the prime minister acknowledged. Those who have benefitted of the backs of people in need will be penalised, he said, adding that the government is trying to bring a system in place to anticipate such a situation.
Calling out his naysayers, the premier said that the current Pakistan is the Pakistan that was originally envisioned. “I myself was not aware of the country’s potential until I took office.”
This country will be the nation where people will travel to find employment, he concluded.
Kicking off the ceremony, Dr Yasmin Rashid said that today is the culmination of the prime minister’s 22 year-long mission.
PM Imran meets Punjab CM
During his visit, Imran held a one-on-one meeting with Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, where the two discussed the overall situation in the province and the pace of development projects.
The prime minister began his one-day visit by calling on the Punjab Safe City Authority headquarters where he was briefed on the scope of the project, and on making security effective through the project.