Plan afoot to boost manpower export under Ehsaas programme
ISLAMABAD: Manpower export of Pakistan is set to get a boost as the government has worked out a plan under Ehsaas Programme to facilitate less privileged in getting overseas jobs.
“Soft loans will be offered through banks to the people, who intends to get jobs abroad but facing financial constraints,” an official source in the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment (BEOE) told APP.
“We have suggested to the banks to link such emigrant’s salary account with his bank account in Pakistan to directly deduct the offered loan in installments from his monthly pay,” he said while explaining the initiative.
Pointing out some issues came in the way to bolster manpower export, he said sometime the department received complaints about behavior of Pakistani labourers working in the Middle East which created negative perception about Pakistani workforce.
However, the Bureau was imparting pre-departure briefings to every outgoing emigrant at its protectorate offices which had yielded positive results so far, he added.
Previously, he said some outgoing Pakistani workers avoided pre-departure briefings which now had been ensured by making biometric verification mandatory for every emigrant to get protected.
He said there was another issue of mismatching of skill-set as the Pakistani workers lacked skills of international standards.
Highlighting the present government’s efforts for improving skill-set in the country, he hoped that the ‘Skill for All’ project under the banner of Kamyab Jawan Program would help producing better professionals which would eventually be given preference in the International labour market.
Ehsaas is an initiative, with a whole-of-government, multi-sectoral and inter-sectoral framework that is aimed at welfare, human capital development, creating livelihoods for the poor. The prime objective of the project is to uplift the downtrodden segment of the society under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has been a strong proponent of transforming the country into a welfare state on the pattern of Madina. – APP