First-ever Directorate of Private Museums to document, digitize hundreds of artifacts
ISLAMABAD: Documentation of hundreds of artifacts housed in around forty private museums across the country through creating a first-ever Directorate of Private Museums will help preserve the rich cultural asset and transfer this legacy to the future generations.
Museums which are symbolized as national repositories, play a significant role in maintaining the cultural identity of a nation and enable the young generation to have knowledge about the rich history of the country.
The novel initiative of creating Directorate of Private Museums is being taken by Museums Association of Pakistan (MAP) to preserve and digitize hundreds of antiquities housed in different local level museums which need documentation.
Talking to APP, Secretary General, MAP, Mian Attique said documenting hundreds of historical objects laying in private museums will enable scholars and researchers to explore the historical significance of these objects and conduct research.
He was of the view that Pakistan is a land of diversified cultures and having different phases of history which is also depicted through the old era antiquities.
Mian Attique informed that the people belonging to the different areas of country have already established their private museums.
MAP is contributing through providing them suggestions for improvements in their small museums such as providing public access to the antiquities, remains and historical evidences.
The objective behind creation of a directorate of private museums is to provide technical assistance to the owners of private museums and build their capacity.
This directorate will help train their staff for better curatorship, digitization, preserving antiquities, improving displays as well as creating educational and research opportunities for archaeologists, historians and social scientists.
This is a unique initiative being introduced for the first time in the history of the country and the main purpose of this is to conserve the national treasures.
MAP took it as a social responsibility to introduce such a valuable project that will reveal a large number of hidden portions of history and the antiquities. - APP