Master of false news gives right-wing Americans headlines they believe
Washington: Christopher Blair produces false stories he insists are easily identifiable as satire rather than news. His pages can rack up millions of views, and at least part of that audience believes the material is true.
Blair, 48, runs eight websites and five Facebook pages from his home in the northeastern US state of Maine. He says the claims his articles make are “ridiculous,” such as that President Donald Trump’s current term could be extended by three years.
But his content is widely shared by people who take it as fact, contributing to the spread of false information online.
Blair -- a self-described “liberal troll” and political activist -- says he knows what to write for his right-wing “target audience” through years of “being embedded in their world.”
He does not hold that audience in high regard.
“They live on… fear and hate and misinformation and very specific storylines that everybody knows aren’t true except for them,” he told AFP. - AFP