Jeff Bezos donating $10 billion to address climate change
Superrich heroes are here to battle the forces of nature and save the earth and our futures after politicians and bureaucrats have failed to deliver on environment issues. The czars of Big Tech it seems have answers to the world’s problems, thanks to their wealth. Billionaires are flaunting their money for charitable and green causes, but that’s okay, because politicians have corrupted governance, and plundered the earth’s resources. The rich are being wooed to help turn the tide, literally. Shelling out large sums for the earth may have little impact on their revenues and profits. Corporate social responsibility is serious business with a whole industry built around it. People and governments often tend to make some subtle demands on these High Net Worth Individuals. Heads turn when they write out fat cheques for the planet, and for the meek and weak who walk the earth. Their wealth grabs more attention when the cause is greater, when the scale is grander – like climate change. How did we get here? The planet is in crisis because we are burning fuel and making it warm. This is causing floods, heat waves and extreme cold weather conditions. Livelihoods are under threat, food becomes scarce and people, the poor in particular, are being forced out of their homes. Governments didn’t see it coming, and when they did, they find themselves short of funds, the will and resources to stem the tide. Hence they are happy outsourcing environment protection efforts to the superrich who drill it into us that climate change is indeed real, hoping that poor folks will listen. When the political class fails, bring in the technocrats, the rich and famous who believe they know a thing or two about how to get things back on track. That’s the general idea. They want people to know they are doing something about it, like setting aside sums from their vast fortunes to prevent a climate catastrophe.
The world’s richest man has thrown himself into the climate movement with a $10 billion fund. Amazon chief Jeff Bezos’s cash is no small change in the race to save the planet. In fact, it’s the biggest donation by any individual billionaire. Last year, Michael Bloomberg shelled out $500 million, a pittance when compared with what Bezos has pledged. The Amazon chief has timed it well after the bad publicity he received following his divorce and his flop Indian visit. Amazon is also facing the heat for allegedly crushing rivals as it expands aggressively. Regulators in the US and Europe are keeping a close watch on its rapid growth trajectory. The $10 billion could be a diversion, yet is welcome for the earth. There are complaints that global wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few. Now the superrich are in charge of charity too. They are the gifts that keep on giving.