HSATI demands creation of new industrial zone
HYDERABAD: The Chairman Hyderabad SITE Association of Trade and Industry Mazhar-ul-Haq Choudhry has demanded the creation of a new industrial zone at Mulla Katiar, the border town of Hyderabad and Tando Muhammad Khan districts aimed at promoting industrial activities in Hyderabad.
In a statement, he informed that once the PPP provincial government had decided to establish Mulla Katiar Industrial Estate, however the directives of the than Sindh Chief Minister went into cold storage. The former Chief Minister Aftab Shoban Mirani had earmarked one thousand acres of land to SITE Limited for 99 years lease for creation of industrial zone in Mulla Katiar but till date no decision had been made in this regard, he added.
He said, "Hyderabad is the second largest city of Sindh and possessed great potential of industrial growth therefore the PPP provincial government should consider the setting up of another industrial zone in Mulla Katiar of Tando Muhammad Khan district which is located adjacent to limitations of Hyderabad district", he emphasized, adding, the industrialists of Hyderabad also show their interest for rapid industrial development in the area.
He demanded Sindh Chief Minister, Sindh ministers for trade and industry as well as agriculture to launch creation of a new industrial zone which, he said, will not only provide job opportunities for jobless people of the province but also bring improvement in SITE Limited. - APP