FCCI lauds richest celebrities for donating huge amount to combat climate change
FAISALABAD: Aircraft engines have been identified as major source of environmental pollution while world’s richest celebrities announced to donate billions of dollars to combat the threatening climate change through global initiative, said Engineer Ahmad Hassan Chairman FCCI Standing Committee on Research and Development.
In a meeting here, he expressed concern over the present state of affairs and said that pace of environment change had been catalyzed due to multiple factors in the current decade.
He said that although serious efforts had already been put on to reduce emissions from automobiles and by introducing more fuel-efficient and less-polluting turbofan and turbo propeller engines. He said that air travelling in past year recorded a phenomenal increase.
“From 1992 to 2005, the number of passengers per kilometer increased from 5 to 5.2 percent per year”, he said and added that in the European Union, greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft had increased to 70 percent between 1990-2006.
He further said that level of Carbon Dioxide had the same atmospheric impact as ground based emissions.
“There are 39,000 planes in the world including commercial and military planes”, he said, adding that in the past year, there were 9728 planes carrying 1,270,406 people in the sky at any given time.
He said the world had to consider it seriously, if climate change has to be held responsible for 2 degree increase in temperature for every year.
However, it is encouraging that world celebrities had realized the gravity of the situation and are taking practical steps to control the unbridled environmental changes.
In this connection, Jeff bezos, CEO Amazon’s has donated $ 10 billion while Elon Musk has donated $ 1 million to plant trees to control pollution.
However, Engineer Ahmad Hassan was critical of the developed states that have refused to fund in this global initiative to control the environmental pollution. – APP