Opposition should tender apology to Speaker: Info Minister
PESHAWAR: Provincial Minister for Information, Shaukat Yousufzai on Friday while referring to ruckus in the provincial assembly said that government was ready to make conditional dialogue with the opposition parties but this would happen only if the opposition showed seriousness and willingness to take the matters towards solvable end.
In a brief talk with media here, the Info Minister was of the view that opposition has to tender unconditional apology to the speaker of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly. He said opposition created ruckus in the assembly and bulldozed the norms and sanctity of the house in the recent session of the assembly.
The Info Minister maintained that the opposition showed their immaturity and unintelligence and ruined the atmosphere of the provincial assembly for nothing.
With such attitude, he said proceedings of the assembly could not be taken forward. Being representatives of the public, he said such attitude did not suit the members of the assembly.
He said even the opposition members were oblivious of the fact that why such an uncivilized protest was being carried out in the honorable house.
Yousufzai added that peaceful protest was the right of the opposition but the mode they adopted was totally wrong and unacceptable. – APP