NA body recommends PSDP of Cabinet, Establishment Divs amounting to Rs17,283.01m, Rs256.882m for 2020-21
Statesman Report
ISLAMABAD: National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat has recommended Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) of Cabinet and Establishment Divisions for the year 2020-21 amounting to Rs17,283.01 million and Rs256.882 million, respectively. The Committee met under the Chairmanship of Syed Amin-ul-Haque, MNA here at Parliament House.
The Committee was apprised that Cabinet Division had demanded Rs18,231.45 million for 15 projects to be carried out during the next financial year.
Giving the breakup of the projects, the Secretary Cabinet Division informed that allocation had been demanded for two projects of Cabinet Division’s six-Aviation Squadron, one project of Establishment of 200 bed Gynecology Hospital in Rawalpindi and 11 projects of infrastructure development in Karachi and Sindh.
The Committee was not satisfied with the justification submitted by the Managing Director, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) in respect of PSDP demand for facilitation of Tourism in Islamabad project and construction of Aiwan-e-Sayahat, therefore, directed for a comprehensive briefing on two projects of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation in its next meeting.
The Committee directed for completion of the projects within their stipulated timelines. The Committee observed that in absence of proper planning and assessment of projects, the cost of projects were revised resulting in cost escalation and delays.
The Committee also directed for briefing by Cabinet Division on construction of flyover at Jinnah Avenue, M-9, Karachi in its next meeting.
The Committee observed that proper planning and feasibility has not been carried out. The Committee recommended 12 projects of Cabinet Division worth Rs17,283.01 million whereas decision on the rest three projects would be taken in the next meeting.
The Committee while scrutinizing the PSDP proposals of Establishment Division approved the projects which mainly relate to upgradation and maintenance of Civil Services Academy Lahore, National School of Public Policy Lahore, National Center for Rural Development Islamabad, Pakistan Academy of Rural Development Peshawar, Construction of multipurpose Community Center at Pakistan Mint Colony Lahore and provision of generator at National Institute of Management Karachi.