China to help Pakistan fight locust crisis by sending experts for inspection
KARACHI: The Consulate General of China in Karachi confirmed in a press release it was sending a team of experts to Pakistan on Sunday to analyse the severity of an ongoing locust crisis in the country by going to the affected areas.
The statement noted that the team was arriving in Pakistan at Islamabad’s invitation and that it would “visit the relevant areas in Sindh, Balochistan provinces etc. from February 23 to March 4, to inspect the locust crisis situation”.
They would hold discussions with the relevant authorities and Pakistani experts and draw up specific plans to deal with the crisis, Consul General Li Bijian said and added that he would accompany the team throughout their assessment including a visit to Quetta.
“Right now, the government and people of China are fighting a war against the COVID-2019. From the very beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic, government and people of Pakistan have been firmly standing together with China to fight the epidemic,” the statement continued.
“Pakistan is now facing the locust crisis. The government and people of China take the locust crisis of their own and will work closely with the Pakistan side to deal with it by providing whatever assistance they can.
“There exists firm and strong confidence that China and Pakistan will win the two front battles against the epidemic and locust crisis with joint efforts,” it added. – AFP