Concert by Italian pianist held at ACP
KARACHI: Third concert in Karachi of very talented Italian pianist Alessandro Commellato was held at Arts Council of Pakistan (Karachi) in collaboration with Consulate General of Italy here.
The piano concert was in three parts. The first part was dedicated to piano sonata No.14 which is known as moon light. Second part was dedicated to the eroica variation; composed in 1802. Third part of the concert was dedicated to the most challenging sonata No.20. The music was beautifully composed with the most popular compositions, said a press release from ACP on Sunday.
Italian Consul Anna Ruffino said, “I am very happy and proud of all those who participated in this evening.”
She said her colleague used to work with Alessandro on some musical projects then he introduced her to him (Alessandro). Later, Ruffino said, she and her friend decided to invite Alessandro to Karachi for some classical music show.
“Tonight you people will find out the connection between Italy and piano,” she remarked.
President ACP-Karachi, Muhammad Ahmed Shah said he was very glad to have Alessandro here. The people would witness one of the fine piano concerts today.
Consul Generals of Italy, United States, France and Germany were also present besides a large number of music lovers. – APP