Thailand’s Phannari wins PGF Int’l Ladies Golf C’ship
LAHORE: Thailand’s Phannari Meeson showcased her golfing skills and technique in a excellent manner to win the inaugural PGF international ladies golf championship outstroking her respective opponents from different countries with high class display of astute planning here on Sunday at Defence Raya course.
Head of Ladies Golf in Pakistan Dr Afzal Shami, representing Pakistan Golf Federation and Defence Raya Team headed by Maj Haroon Shafiq and ladies like Shehr Bano Hamdani of Rawalpindi Golf Club, Maimoona Azam combined to hold the 1st PGF International Ladies Golf Championship in a distinctive and excellent way.
Held over three rounds, this history creating international ladies golf event attracted ladies golf teams from Thailand, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Qatar, Iran, Afghanistan and Malaysia, besides the host country, Pakistan.
Phannari Meeson led the fight for honors right from the time she hit her first tee shot and never let go of her hold and command over the playing proceedings. Her tee shots on the par fours and par fives resonated perfect timing and rhythm and these shots are fittingly backed up by remarkable play from the fairways.
To add an exceptional touch to her performance, Phannari prevailed over her adversaries with a round of 75 on the first day, a 72 on the second day and again a 72 in the final round.
Through commendable play, she accumulated a three days score of 219 and she achieved success rather comfortably beating her country mate Chanettee Wannasen by a margin of five strokes. No doubt, Chanettee has also put up a determined effort, but her control over her putting was not as marked and striking as Phannari. – APP