Balochistan govt announces COVID risk allowance for health workers, paramedics

ISLAMABAD: The Balochistan Government has issued COVID-19 risk allowance for the health workers and paramedical staff of health department working in hospitals for treatment of coronavirus patients.

The risk allowance would be awarded to the employees from grade 2 to 14, of health department on regular basis, said an official of the Balochistan government.

The government has also finalized to grant a basic pay to as risk allowance to health workers to continue their work efficiently during the pandemic of coronavirus.

The government had also approved release of funds related to COVID-19 for effective prevention and implementation of precautionary measures against Corona virus, he added.

The Fund would also help in formulating effective strategies to cope with the contagion.

The official said the provincial government was also allocating funds for the healthcare system for further enhancing its capacity and testing methods.

He added that the increasing risk of coronavirus surge had increased the issues of healthcare workers across the country.

Keeping in view, he said, the challenging tasks of health department during the pandemic the provincial government was paying special attention to facilitate the healthcare workers fighting in the frontline.    

He said the Balochistan government was committed to provide best health care facilities to the masses in the far-flung areas of the province. - APP