Shoukat asks PMD to postpone rally over terrorism threats

PESHAWAR: Minister for Labour and Culture, Shoukat Yousafzai on Thursday said Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) should postpone its rally in Peshawar due to threats of terrorism.
He said that Pakistan was facing many internal and external challenges including economic fallout of coronavirus pandemic but the opposition alliance was busy in protecting corruption of two former ruling families.
He said that government’s top priority is to protect lives and property of the people.
In a statement, he said that people and security agencies have given unprecedented sacrifices to eradicate terrorism and restore law and order situation in the country.
He said innocent people should not be used to save their corruption.
Shoukat Yousafzai said that future of so-called Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) was evident from the attitude of Pakistan Peoples Party.
He said that people have rejected those opposition parties for maligning state institutions in recent rallies.
He said people were proud of Pakistani army and acknowledged sacrifices of armed forces for restoring peace and stability in the country.
Shoukat Yousafzai said that opposition only wanted disturbance and choas in the country.
He termed the opposition parties rallies as totally flop show to attract common people, adding people rejected their narrative.
Shoukat Yousafzai said that opposition parties should first tell the nation for what purpose they holding rallies.
He said Nawaz Sharif was claiming to be so-called revolutionary leader but sitting in London instead of coming to the country to face corruption charges.
He said Nawaz Sharif was speaking the language of Narendra Modi and Altaf Hussain.
He said a convicted person from abroad was hatching conspiracy against the elected government and state institutions. – APP