China’s tree breeding technology can help combat desertification, fuelwood shortage in Pakistan
PESHAWAR: China’s advanced forest genetics and tree breeding technologies can help combat desertification and shortage of fuelwood in Pakistan, said Norsherwan Zarif, a PhD student at Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, China. “I am doing a PhD at Northeast Forestry University since 2017. As a researcher, my duty is to plant different forest species. I have to plant,” said Norsherwan Zarif, who used to be an official in Pakistan Forest Institute in Peshawar. Now he is studying in Harbin, China. He said his basic aim is to enhance his expertise in the field of forestry and learn modern techniques which can help Pakistan in the future, China Economic Net (CEN) reported. “Pakistani government also encouraged us to learn more modern forestry techniques. My major is Silviculture, which is the backbone of forestry. With knowledge of silviculture, we can introduce different expertise and inventions and plant different varieties of trees to enhance soil fertility and soil nutrients,” he said. Norsherwan said there are a lot of disciplines in which China can help Pakistan improve. “With the increasing population in Pakistan, the fuelwood demand boosted as well. China's advanced forest genetics and tree breeding technology can be useful in Pakistan. Fast-growing species and other forest species can also be introduced to Pakistan to satisfy the demand.” - APP ��YF"(@PÎ)