Trump admn opens new legal front in battle against ‘sanctuary’ jurisdictions
WASHINGTON: The Trump administration is turning to federal courts to force state and local officials to turn over records about immigrants in custody in a novel effort to circumvent so-called “sanctuary” policies.
Since mid-January, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has issued subpoenas to law enforcement agencies in California, Colorado, Connecticut, New York and Oregon seeking information about nearly two dozen suspected immigration law violators, according to the agency.
The inmates had been charged or convicted of crimes that included sexual abuse of a child, manslaughter and burglary, according to ICE.
The legal actions could help ICE obtain a wide range of information on immigrants in jail, including last known address, possible gang affiliations and any disciplinary actions while in custody, according to ICE.
In some cases, the agency requested photos of the immigrants as well. The details could be used by immigration authorities to track down people if they are let out and process them for deportation.
Republican President Donald Trump faces re-election in November and has made his battle against “sanctuary” jurisdictions a focus of his campaign for a second term. The “sanctuary” label is typically applied to cities and states that limit cooperation with federal immigration enforcement. - Reuters