Pakistan has done everything possible to revive int’l cricket: ZCB Chairman
ISLAMABAD: Zimbabwe Cricket Board (ZCB) Chairman Tavenga Mukuhlani believes that Pakistan has done everything possible in their capacity to make sure that international cricket comes back to the country. “The world must understand that Pakistan have done everything possible within their capacity to make sure that international cricket comes back to Pakistan. Our role is to complement the efforts that Pakistan is making in getting the international cricket to come back to Pakistan,” he said during a press conference at Pindi Stadium, Rawalpindi on Sunday. He recalled when he visited Pakistan in 2007 the arrangements were excellent. “Then I came here to watch the first Pakistan Super League (PSL) final the arrangement were excellent. When I came in 2015, 2016, I actually came with a very high ranking official from the government of Zimbabwe. I traveled with the minister to Pakistan, and he was very satisfied with what he has seen. “And we are here again here. Our team had been here in 2015. We have been into Pakistan with or without issues, we have been very satisfied with that arrangements that PCB has put in place at all times when they host us.” “We share a long, rich history between our two countries, not only in cricket, but even between our two governments. There’s cooperation in various areas, but most importantly, in the area of cricket, we have that long history that we share as countries for us. It's very important that the world of cricket understands the need to bring back international cricket to Pakistan. Pakistan was a very important member of the family of nations in so far as cricket was concerned. - APP