Feminism not be misconstrued as anti-men, says Burfat
HYDERABAD: The Vice Chancellor University of Sindh Jamshoro Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat said feminism should not to be misconstrued as anti-men as in present era, the contribution of both is pivotal for bringing progress and prosperity in the country.
Not long ago, main activities in women’s lives were considered being a good cook, an abiding wife, taking care of children and the household, he said and added, women were not even allowed to vote in the past century.
The Vice Chancellor expressed these remarks while speaking as a chief guest at daylong seminar on “Modern Feminism” organized by Students Forum of the Department of International Relations in collaboration with Department of Urdu at Nelson Mandela Hall of the I.R. Department.
He said that there were very few female scientists in the past because women’s education was never encouraged while men were taking leading positions in business, economy and science.
“For a very long time, women were considered inferior to men, however, the role of women in society has significantly changed during the recent decades, he said and added the first positive changes occurred after the World War I.
Today the importance of women in the society is beyond any suspicion, the Vice Chancellor said and added, in today’s world, women with their ambitions, intelligence and strengths have proved that the word ‘inferior’ has nothing in common with their gender.
Observing that a woman possessed special significance in all relations, the Vice Chancellor called for an end to patriarchal mindset to earn women their rightful place in society. The social transformation would not be possible without social mainstreaming of women, he added.
He said that only empowered women could serve as the most powerful catalysts for social development and prosperity. - APP