‘Pakistan to achieve the target of $5 billion in export of gem and jewellery’
ISLAMABAD: Chairman Prime Minister's Task Force on Gem and Jewellery Engr Gul Asghar Khan said PM has taken up the most promising sector of gems and jewellery for the first time in the country's history, which was neglected by successive governments since decades.
He said the government formed task force within eight weeks to achieve country's target of $ 5 billion in export of gems and jewelries against its exports of $40 billion by our neighboring country.
In an exclusive talk during PTV programme, he said that following marathon weekly meetings of the Task Force on Gems and Jewelries, it was identified that non-existence of solid national policy was the main hurdle in the growth of gems and jewelries sector.
He said the sector was facing multiple problems including no facilities of shipments and verification laboratory in the country.
Gul Asghar Khan told that his Task Force made short, mid and long term policies to revive the potential gems and jewelries sector and ensure revenue generation from its exports.
He added that $6 billion export target was set under the short term policy which would be followed by establishing a Gem and Jewelry City through private sector under mid and long term policies as envisioned by the Prime Minister.
After integration of its scattered units with various ministries and departments, the Prime Minister will lead the Force in line with the Special Task Force on Construction, he told. - APP