Winter sets in formally after first rain; woolies out

ISLAMABAD: The long-awaited first rain of winter season at various parts of the country on Saturday will help dissipate prevailing smoggy conditions in the plain areas and protect the citizens from seasonal health hazards and allergies caused due to the prolonged dry spell. 

The drizzle started on Saturday afternoon and intensified to a moderate level at scattered places of the federal capital, as per forecast of weather experts, turned the weather cold through dipping the mercury.

The first winter rain compelled the citizens to take out woolies, blankets, quilts and other accessories to keep them cozy and prevent themselves from the seasonal diseases especially cough and influenza while taking extra measures in wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

The first rain-spell of this winter season is although not of much intensity in most parts of the country but would subside the prevailing smog that engulfed various parts of the country, reducing the miseries of the citizens especially allergy patients.

Smoggy conditions in the plain areas of the country due to lack of rain poses serious health risks to the citizens and inconvenience to the commuters.

The dipping mercury during the last few days especially after rain has increased the demand of the traditional local winter delights available at the different food outlets, pushcarts and markets in the federal capital.

The citizens have started enjoying popular delights like Chicken Corn Soup, Doodh Jalebi, Gajar ka Halwa, Kashmiri Tea, Samosas, Pakoras, fried fish and dry fruits etc. The demand for warm clothes has also registered a significant increase after the prediction of the winter first rain spell by the weather experts and majority of the buyers throng the main markets of the city to buy warm stuff, taking advantage of the ongoing sale offers. - APP received_length_with_data_reduction_proxy_enabled_application":"0","daily_received_length_with_data_red