Armenian politician arrested over alleged PM assassination plot

Yerevan: An opposition leader in Armenia has been arrested and accused of preparing to kill the prime minister, his lawyer said, adding to the political turmoil created by a controversial peace deal with neighbouring Azerbaijan.

Artur Vanetsyan, head of the centre-right Homeland party, was arrested on Saturday after being summoned to the headquarters of the Armenian security forces, his lawyers Lusine Sahakyan and Ervand Varosyan said.

They called the detention a "persecution" and denied the allegations against their client -- that he was preparing to seize power after the murder of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

Pashinyan has faced violent street protests and fierce criticism from Armenia's political opposition since he signed a peace deal with Azerbaijan to end fighting over the disputed region. - AFP ���Ğ��Ğ��Ğ��Ğ��ؕ����