Macron says UNSC out of ‘useful solutions’

Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron said the UN Security Council no longer provides good solutions to global problems, in remarks published Monday, and called for an overhaul of international cooperation mechanisms.

Multilateral frameworks "are weakened today, because they are blocked", Macron said in an interview with website Le Grand Continent.

"I cannot help but observe that the United Nation's Security Council no longer produces useful solutions today," Macron said.

Except for one video conference in April, the Council -- whose permanent members are the United States, China, Britain, France and Russia -- has not communicated on the global Covid pandemic.

Macron said "everybody is jointly responsible when some institutions become hostages of the crisis in multi-lateralism", such as the World Health Organization.

President Donald Trump has accused the WHO of being too close to the Chinese government and has started a procedure to withdraw the US from the organisation.

Now was the right time to "strengthen and structure a political Europe" which could be at the heart of a "new multi-lateralism", Macron said. - AFP