Karachi registers onset of winter with growing risks to contract viral infections

KARACHI: A sudden change of weather due to blowing of winds from north easterly direction, commonly known as Siberian wave marked the onset of winters in Karachi, with school children and office goers in sweaters and warm clothes depicted a pleasant site on Tuesday morning.

The temperature that had dropped in the morning hours to almost 18 degree celsius, compounded by gusty winds, rose to 30 degrees in the afternoon providing needed solace to the people habitual to moderate climatic conditions.

According to the spokesman of Pakistan Meteorological Department, Karachi office, the current weather may persists for next two days while the mercury is also expected to drop further during the current week.

The weather in general would be dry hence healthcare providers have advised people to take due care of themselves.

Dr. Shiraz Karim, running his clinic in Lyari for years, warned that viral infections hold all chances to further aggravate with children, senior citizens and people with compromised immunity being the most vulnerable. - APP oNormal>