Indian plane makes emergency landing at Karachi airport

Aircraft makes stopover after a passenger suffered cardiac arrest during flight en route to New Delhi from Riyadh

Statesman Report

KARACHI: An Indian plane has made an emergency landing at the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi after a passenger’s health deteriorated during a flight on Tuesday.

The passenger, 30-year-old Muhammad Noushad, was pronounced dead after a team of doctors reached at the airport for medical aid, they added.

According to the medical team, the passenger had suffered a cardiac arrest and breathed his last before the plane landed.

The aircraft of private airline, GoAir (6658) carrying 179 passengers, was en route to New Delhi from Riyadh, according to the sources.

Later, the sources said, the Indian plane departed from the Karachi airport after refuelling.

According to Indian media reports, the deceased passenger was a resident of Bareilly, a city in Uttar Pradesh.