China-Pakistan friendship everlasting, says Chinese Cultural Consular
PESHAWAR: Chinese Cultural Consular based in Islamabad Zhang Heqing has said that the friendship between Pakistan and China is everlasting and the people of China are proud of their friendship with Pakistanis and they are confident that the friendship between the two countries will be strengthened.
He expressed these views while addressing a ceremony to distribute credentials to students completing Chinese language courses at China Window, a Chinese Cultural Center in Peshawar.
The Chinese consular said that although the Chinese people nowadays are facing a difficult time because of the Corona virus, they are convinced that China will soon overcome the corona virus. Zhang Heqing said that during this difficult time, the people of Pakistan, besides the President and the Prime Minister, have shown solidarity which is undoubtedly praiseworthy. He said that the Corona virus is now largely controlled.
The numbers of people getting infected with the virus is in gradual declined.
Chinese Consular said that CEPC is an important project for the economic and sovereign development of Pakistan and will have the best impact on Pakistan’s economy in the coming months and years.
Zhang Heqing expressed happiness over the free classes at the China Window teaching Chinese language to the youth.
He said that the move would help the general public to get jobs in the factories under CEPC.
He also agreed with the proposal that students securing prominent positions should also be sent to China on scholarship. - APP