Medical waste may act as a vehicle in an AIDS-affected area

KARACHI: Director General, Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), Naeem Ahmad Mughal, presided over an environmental review session held here for the installation and operation of four incinerators for the disposal of medical waste in an environmentally friendly manner in various hospitals of Larkana district.

In the meeting of experts after examining the environmental impact of the four incinerators, it was decided that environmental approval for their installation and operation would be given in due course of time, keeping in view of the public opinions taken earlier on them.

It is to be noted that the Sindh Government is taking all-out measures to prevent further spread of AIDS in Larkana which was spreading on a limited scale over there in the recent past. Safe disposal of hospital waste eliminates the risk of the spread of any infectious diseases including AIDS; therefore, the plan for the installation and operation of subject incinerators in various hospitals of the referred district is being speedily examined to assess their environmental implications. - PPI