After 2nd wave of COVID-19, educational institutions decide to transfer all classes to online in Sindh

KARACHI: After increasing number of COVID positive cases due to the second tier of corona-virus, some educational institutions in the Sindh province decided to transfer all classes to online for next some weeks.

An official of Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU), Mustafa Jatoi told APP “We are taking precautionary steps by transferring to all classes to the online as the cases of COVID-19 were surging in the Karachi city of the province for next three weeks at initial stage, adding that if situation did not improve after three weeks, the university might extend for another some weeks.

However, the lab extensive courses will continue to be held on campus as per schedule, whereas library and other resources would be available accordingly, he articulated, saying that while faculty members were advised to conduct classes remotely.

Professor Dr. Saleem Chang from Sindh University uttered that the various university had transferred their classes to online after second tier of COVID-19, adding if more cases of corona-virus were reported, the university would have to shift towards online classes.

Expressing serious over the rise of COVID-19 cases in the port city, an official from Karachi University (KU) told that majority of classes in the university were already online except some classes especially for PhD students but if cases of COVID continues to surge, all classes would be transferred to online.

Vice Chancellor Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Liyari Karachi, Akhtar Baloch said that after first tier of COVID-19, the university had transferred all classes to online from May to July, stating further that when cases of corona-virus started to register a decline in the country, hybrid system was adopted where 55 percent of classes were being conducted online, while 45 percent of classes were physical. - APP