Slovenia PM backs Hungary, Poland in EU rule of law row

Vienna: Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa on Wednesday backed the criticisms made by Poland and Hungary when they vetoed the EU budget over plans to tie funding to respect for the rule of law.

"Some political groups... are openly threatening to use the instrument wrongly called 'rule of law' in order to discipline individual EU Member States through a majority vote," Jansa said in a letter to EU Council President Charles Michel published in local media.

On Monday Hungary and Poland vetoed the EU's long-term budget and coronavirus rescue worth 1.8 trillion euros ($2.1 trillion) over their opposition to a proposed rule-of-law mechanism.

While Slovenia did not join them in vetoing the budget on Monday, Jansa said in the letter that it would not be appropriate for a political body to adjudicate in disputes over the rule of law.

"The 'rule of law' means that disputes are decided by an independent court and not by a political majority in any other institution," he said. "We need EU institutions that will not be involved in Member States' internal political conflicts," he added.

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