Terrorist gunned down as police foil terror bid in Charsadda

CHARSADDA: Charsadda police thwarted a terror attack near the Commissioner Office here on Wednesday. According to reports, unidentified gunmen opened fire at an intelligence agency office, injuring an official who later succumbed to his injuries. Police responded to the gun fire killing one of the attackers while he was trying to enter a building. District police also recovered weapons from the terrorist. DPO Charsadda Muhammad Shoaib Khan later revealed that the security official was injured during the attack and succumbed to his injuries later.

The DPO further stated that the security forces were priorly alerted of a potential attack in the district.

Later, police cordoned off the area and launched a search operation.- TLTP @���ʉ��?B=S�?� �S�]��X8䴂��1�|���`�4�9*:D