Rohingya refugees
A much-needed UN resolution at last
It is greatly encouraging that the United Nations has adopted a resolution calling for an urgent solution to the Rohingya crisis, a resolution that has received sponsorship from 104 member states, including the US, Canada, and Australia, demonstrating that the world is finally united in fighting for the rights of the persecuted Rohingya community. Around 1.1 million Rohingya refugees now reside within the borders of Bangladesh, and the Bangladeshi government has gone beyond the call of duty in order to ensure that they receive adequate food, aid, and shelter -- a humanitarian act which the resolution showed deep appreciation for. The Rohingya refugees remain one of the most persecuted communities in the world and represent one of the worst humanitarian crises in contemporary history, having suffered immeasurable violence at the hands of the Myanmar army, who pro-actively pushed to ethnically cleanse the Rakhine region of Rohingya existence. The UN resolution, titled “The Situation of Human Rights of the Rohingya Muslims and other minorities and Myanmar,” has demanded that Myanmar address root causes of the Rohingya crisis and provide them with citizenship and, subsequently, allow them to return to their homeland of Rakhine with all their rights ensured.
As the resolution has rightly pointed out, this can only be done if Myanmar acknowledges the brutalities carried out by its army against the Rohingya people and the systemic bigotry which affects their very existence and, thereby, allows for a path through which those responsible are held accountable for their actions and punished. Without acknowledgement, justice, and a conducive environment which allows for the voluntary return of the Rohingya people, a resolution to the crisis is impossible. The Rohingya have been suffering at the hands of Myanmar for too long. It is hoped that this latest step by the UN provides the necessary pressure on Myanmar to finally act and resolve the crisis, once and for all.