US, China, UK top three destinations of Pakistani exports: SBP
ISLAMABAD: The United States of America (USA) remained the top export destinations of the Pakistani products during first seven months of current financial year (2019-20), followed by China and the United Kingdom (UK).
The total exports to the USA during July-January (2019-20) were recorded at US $ 2440.411 million against the exports of US $ 2366.163 million during July-January (2018-19), showing an increase of 3.13 percent during the period under review, according to State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).
This was followed by China, wherein Pakistan exported goods worth $ 1056.773 million against the exports of $1038.023 million last year, showing nominal increase of 1.80 percent.
UK was the at third top export destination, where Pakistan exported products worth $ 1004.520 million during the current financial year against the exports of $ 1039.609 million during last fiscal year, showing decrease of 3.37 percent, SBP data revealed.
Among other countries, Pakistani exports to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) stood at $ 984.881 million against $ 743.474 million during last year, showing an increase of 32.47 percent while exports to Germany were recorded at $ 799.324 million against $ 767.483 million last year, the data revealed.
During the first seven months, exports to Afghanistan were recorded at $ 633.121 million against $ 676.197 million whereas exports to Holland stood at $ 597.048 million against $ 546.690 million.
Pakistan’s exports to Spain were recorded at $ 525.942 million against $ 533.148 million last year whereas exports to Italy stood at $ 463.043 million against $ 448.649 million.
Similarly, exports to Bangladesh during the current financial year were recorded at $ 440.909 million against $ 452.491 million while the exports to France stood at $ 257.809 million against $ 268.514 million.
Pakistan’s exports to Singapore were recorded at $ 126.657 million during the current financial year compared to $ 158.880 million last year whereas, the exports to Canada stood at $ 168.951 million against $172.429 million, to Saudi Arabia $ 278.966 million against $ 180.161 million whereas the exports to India stood at $ 17.672 million during the financial year against $ 250.167 million during last year. - APP