Lawmakers call for precautionary measures against Coronavirus
ISLAMABAD: Lawmakers in the Senate on Friday asked the government to devise a comprehensive strategy for safety of people from the Coronavirus in the country.
Speaking in the House on the agenda moved by the opposition to discuss various confronting issues being faced by the country, Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan asked the government to take steps to prevent Coronavirus in the country.
He also asked the government to investigate elements involved in the crisis of wheat flour and sugar. He also demanded to share the report of the investigation team in the House in this regard.
Mushahid Ullah Khan alleged that the government has failed to take action the elements involved in the wheat flour and sugar crisis.
Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan condemned Indian government’s atrocities and cruelty against Muslims and called upon the Muslim Ummah to take steps for their safety.
He said that opposition would support the government on any action against India.
Senator Sirajul Haq said that uncertainty was prevailing among the people due to Coronavirus and asked the government to steps and devised a strategy for the safety of the people.
He also criticized the government over the crisis of the wheat flour and sugar and asked the government to share the names of people involved in the crime.
He alleged that people involved in the crisis are in the government ranks. He also strongly condemned India government brutality against Muslims. He also asked the OIC to summon a special meeting to discuss current situation in India against Muslims. He asked all the Muslim countries to suspend relations with India.
Senator Faisal Javed said that the government did not believe in the political victimization. He alleged that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan was political victimized by the PML-N government due to taking of Panama paper case to court.
He said that due to steps taken by the government, the country’s economy was in stable condition. He said that the fruits of the stable economy would reach the people soon. He said that Kashmir cause had been effectively highlighted by Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Taking part in the discussion Javed Abbasi said that government had failed to fulfill the promises made during the election campaign. He said that PML-N government has eliminated terrorism and load shedding in the country.
Senator Raza Rabbani said it was unfortunate that mask prices had been increased by the local traders. He asked the government take action the people involved in the price hike of the mask.
He also criticized the government over the foreign policy and said that Kashmir issue had not been effectively highlighted.
“We are ready to support the government over the Kashmir issue” he added.
Earlier, speaking in the house, leader of the opposition in Senate Raja Zafarul Haq said that the government should table all the ordinances in the Senate. He said that there should be detailed discussion of all the ordinances promulgated by the government. - APP