Where is Karachi Package? Enormous drive soon against dull infrastructure
KARACHI: The Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) and Site Association of Industry (SAI) have agreed to initiate a massive campaign in the social and mainstream media in which the overall pathetic state of the infrastructure in Site industrial zone will be highlighted and also the failure of both, the federal and provincial governments, to provide any kind of relief in this regard.
At a meeting during the visit of SAI delegation to KCCI, President KCCI M Shariq Vohra and President SAI Abdul Hadi consented to film and disseminate short video clippings of all the broken roads, sewerage lines and other infrastructure issues being suffered by the business and industrial community of the oldest and largest industrial zone of the city as well as other industrial areas of Karachi where industrial units continue to operate in an extremely unfavorable environment.
The meeting was also attended by Vice President KCCI Shamsul Islam Khan, Senior Vice President SAI Riazuddin, Vice President SAI Abdul Kadir Bilwani, former President SAI Suleman Chawla and other members of SAI delegation along with KCCI Managing Committee Members.
President KCCI Shariq Vohra said, “Although assurances have been given from time to time by the federal and provincial governments but none of them have taken any practical steps to provide relief to perturbed business and industrial community of Site area except just lip service.”
“We have attended many meetings at the provincial and federal levels but all these meetings proved to be a futile exercise, which leaves no other option for us but to go for highlighting this serious issue in the media so that the world could see how awful the infrastructure has become in a city which is source of bread and butter for the entire country. We hope this would help us in urging the government to realize the gravity of the situation and accordingly take measures on war footing to provide relief to perturbed businessmen and industrialists of this particular area as the situation in Site area was too terrible as compared to other industrial zones of the city”, he said, adding that this campaign in social and mainstream media was not only being fully supported by industrial town associations but also by majority of sector-specific trade associations. - PPI