Low gas pressure irks residents of Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Residents of the provincial capital have complained against the low pressure of natural gas which has badly affected their routine life.

According to reports, Gulbhar, Afridi Garhi, Faqir Abad, Kakshal, Wazir Bagh, Bhana Marri were among the worst hit areas.

A resident of Gulbhar locality said that low gas pressure issue had become burden for the poor in this locality as the menace was forcing people to bring bread from tandoors and hotels almost daily basis.

Similarly, the residents found no way out but to use Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to cook meals while some are compelled to use firewood as fuel for cooking, putting extra burden on people.

On the other hand, the current situation has become a windfall for tandoor owners to make a quick buck by overcharging the residents on one pretext or the other.

The SNGPL Peshawar said that the gap between demand and supply had a seasonal impact and concrete measures were being made to ensure smooth gas supply to all localities.

It said that at some places rusted or old pipelines were leaking due to damage in wake of construction activities by outside agencies. However it said that the old leaking network was being replaced and this issue will be resolved soon. - APP ==����^^\�U�:�xc���^ܸ �,�