Citizens demand for free toilet service at public places in Islamabad
ISLAMABAD: The Federal Capital dwellers have called upon the civic agency to remove the charges being collected for using toilet service at public places. They also called for upgrading the washrooms at markets, bus stands and recreational to ensure provision of hygiene and sanitation rights to citizens. “The situation of markets’ washrooms is worst as it seems that the relevant authority is least interested to clean them in time despite charging up to Rs 20,” said Raja Ali who burst with anger after using the facility at Abpara Market. Talking to APP, he said the situation should be rectified on priority as access to a decent toilet at a public place was basic right of a citizen and it was a responsibility of state to facilitate the people in responding the nature's call outdoor. Hameed ur Rehman, another resident leaving for Sailkot from Faizabad Bus Station, said the situation of washrooms here was deplorable that needed urgent rehabilitation. When contacted, Capital Development Authority Sanitation Department Director Sardar Zimri defending the move of collecting the charges over use of washrooms at public places, said the money was being spent on their maintenance. He said people were equally responsible for the current situation of washrooms as they did not flush their waste after defecation. Zimiri said a new project had been launched in the capital city to transform the existing toilets on modern lines. Toilets in various sectors such as F series markets were being upgraded under the project’s first phase. - APP