PHC seeks implementation report on corona school fee relief
PESHAWAR: A two-member bench of Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Friday sought implementation report over corona fee relief provided to students and parents from March to October by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Private Schools Regulatory Authority (KPPSRA). The court ordered that school managements not to bother the students and parents in matters of fees and ordered KPPSRA to also submit fee structure and other matters in the court. The two-member bench comprising Acting Chief Justice PHC, Qaisar Rasheed and Justice Nasir Mehfooz was hearing a case regarding relaxation in school fees during closure of schools in coronavirus situation. MD, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Private Schools Regulatory Authority (KPPSRA), Tashfin and AAG, Sikandar Hayat were present at the hearing and were directed by the court to take action against schools not paying salaries to their teaching staff. MD KPPSRA told the court that work on providing relief to the parents in school fees was in progress as over 5000 complaints on Prime Minister’s Citizen Portal have also been received. He said under the Relief Act, Section-26 schools with Rs 6000 fee will provide 10% relief while schools with above Rs 6000 fee will provide 20% relief to their students. Justice Qaisar Rasheed in his remarks said the court was thoroughly monitoring all things in the coronavirus situation. Many schools charging students heavy fees were even not paying salaries to their staff and fees in different heads were being collected from the students. Justice Qaisar Rasheed further said that there were schools charging transport charges during vacations. He asked the respondents what formula has been put in place for school fees. In the prevailing situation, he said it was much difficult for the people to bear such expenses. - APP ��j�&F��� #�ы�"��������c\�?��� :N���3���w�=A�a��s�_�Ŀ vĦ��+�2�-γ|ڛM��Q2^�w�a����Y�p;��n�nnE����^|6�����w����r�=�� �����q6M��A�΢���ͽ�������`s���^okg���ڕ �w���