One more member of Pak squad tests positive for coronavirus in New Zealand
Monitoring Report
CHRISTCHURCH: Another member of the Pakistan cricket squad on Saturday tested positive during routine testing being carried out by the New Zealand health ministry.
The remainder of the results from the squad’s day 3 swab testing — apart from the six who have already returned a positive result — are negative.
This case will be added to the ministry’s total case numbers today as the result was reported outside the usual reporting timeframe of New Zealand. The Pakistan cricket team will be next undergoing day six testing as planned.
The exemption to train while in managed isolation is on hold pending consideration by the Canterbury DHB medical officer of health that they are satisfied that training is unlikely to transmit COVID-19.
This ongoing consideration is expected to take until at least early next week.
As per usual protocols, the latest case has been interviewed and close contacts, including flight contacts, have been, or are in the process of being, contacted.
Everyone who arrived on the same flight as the Pakistan cricket team is currently staying in an MIQ facility and are carrying out their 14-day isolation.
As announced Friday, any of the squad identified as a close contact would not meet the requirements for the exemption as there is a risk that they could transmit COVID-19 to fellow team mates.
The Pakistan cricket squad members that arrived in New Zealand all met the agreed predeparture requirements for travel, including multiple PCR tests, and symptom checks.
Exemptions allowing people to train while in managed isolation are very difficult to obtain and any team that receives such an exemption is in a privileged position.
The ministry Saturday also thanked the Pakistan squad for their compliance with expectations around managed isolation and their cooperation with investigation of the cases. Cooperation and compliance are critical in ensuring New Zealand is kept safe from COVID-19.