Tyson plans fast start in ring return at 54 against Jones
Los Angeles: Mike Tyson says he never imagined as a heavyweight boxing champion that he would climb into the ring with Roy Jones Jr. at age 54.
Fifteen years after retiring with a 2005 loss to journeyman Kevin McBride, Tyson makes a comeback after dropping 100 pounds and returning to training.
"I didn't think I'd live that long. It was so intense," Tyson said Friday in a news conference ahead of the eight-round fight in Los Angeles.
"Me just existing is a success."
Tyson said his hunger has returned 15 years after finishing his career.
"I don't know who I was then. I'm just very comfortable with who I am now," Tyson said. "My last fight, I didn't have no interest in it. I'm interested now."
Tyson, 50-6 with 44 knockouts, plans to take the fight to 51-year-old Jones, 66-9 with 47 knockouts, from the start.
"I'm just going to go right at him at the bell and see what happens," Tyson said. "It's going to be entertaining. He's a fighter. I'm a fighter. We're in there throwing punches. Anything can happen."
Jones, whose last fight was a 2018 cruiserweight victory, plans to take some time to sort out how much of "Iron Mike" remains in Tyson.
"I want to come out early, figure out my ways to attack him. He's very dangerous when he's at his distance," Jones said.
"He knows my combinations, but not the speed or velocity. He won't be knowing how I'm throwing them. - AFP