PM lambastes Opp, says PDM leaders ‘lack empathy’

Statesman Report

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday lambasted the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), for holding rallies and jalsas amid a worsening coronavirus situation in the country and the Opposition parties' bid to save what he termed was "looted wealth and corruption".

In a series of tweets Sunday afternoon, PM Imran Khan said Pakistan is facing not only the COVID-19 pandemic but "a political leadership that has never gone through any democratic struggle" and is not well-versed with the challenges ordinary citizens’ experience.

The premier criticised the Opposition leaders for lacking empathy and their families that "looted national wealth to further impoverish our masses".

"These entitled 'leaders' living like royalty in their secluded mansions, have simply inherited their positions because of their families," he said. "Now their sole and desperate goal is to save their families' looted wealth and corruption of which they are an integral part."

PM Imran Khan reiterated his earlier stance that the Opposition parties and their leaders were only focused on a concession under the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), which "is all that guides their politics, not any concern for the lives of ordinary citizens".

"Their desperation to get NRO any which way they can motivates them," he said.