By-polls to be held if opposition MPs resign: PM

Statesman Report

ISLAMABAD: The premier responded to reports of Opposition members resigning from the Parliament in the coming days, saying, "We will immediately hold elections if Opposition resigns from assembly.”

This was said by the prime minister during an interview on Tuesday with editors of various newspapers where he spoke various issues, including the Opposition’s protest movement, the coronavirus pandemic and international conspiracies being hatched against Pakistan.

Imran Khan reiterated his position that the government was willing to hold a dialogue with the Opposition on every issue but "no talks on giving NRO will be held with the Opposition”.

He said the government will immediately hold local government elections after the Senate elections are held.

Referring to protest movements by the Opposition’s PDM, the premier said that the government will not use force against them.

"The Opposition wants to instigate chaos in the country, they want the government to use force [against it],” he said. 

During the interview, he also said that 40 representatives of the PML-N were landgrabbers.

Speaking about not going to the Parliament, PM Imran said he wanted to present his point of view there but "they [Opposition members] don’t even let me talk there”.

Not going to IMF immediately was govt’s biggest mistake

Prime Minister Imran Khan conceded that his government’s "biggest mistake” was not securing a financial deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) immediately after getting elected.

"A coalition comprising a few countries does not want to see a strong Pakistan,” PM Imran Khan reportedly said. "Whatever happened in Iraq, happened for the same reason. Iraq and Iran were made to fight each other in an attempt to break up the two nations,” he added. �������