OGRA sends POL price revision summary for Feb.
Statesman Report
ISLAMABAD: OGRA Thursday forwarded a price-revision summary to the quarters concerned to determine rates of petroleum products for the month of February.
As per the summary, the authority has suggested an increase of Rs2.47 (1.9 percent) in per liter price of High Speed Diesel (HSD) and Rs 1.10 (1.3 percent) in Light Diesel Oil (LDO).
The OGRA recommended Rs 0.06 (0.1 percent) decrease in per liter price of Motor Sprit Petrol and Rs 0.66 (0.7 percent) in Kerosene oil.
The authority suggested increase in the HSD rate from Rs 127.26 to Rs129.73 and in LDO price from Rs 84.51 to Rs 85.61, while reduction in the MS Petrol price from Rs 116.60 to Rs 116.54 and Kerosene oil rate from Rs 99.45 to Rs 98.79 per liter.

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