Governor seeks Nobel Peace Prize for Imran Khan
LAHORE: Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has called for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Prime Minister Imran Khan in recognition of his role in the Afghan peace process.
In a media statement issued by the Governor's House on Sunday, he said that Imran Khan was the only political leader who had been opposing war in the region. By all standards, he deserved the Nobel Prize, he added.
The governor said that Prime Minister Imran Khan gave a message of peace by setting free a captured Indian pilot, though India had been promoting war hysteria.
The governor said that a period of 19 years of war was now going to end in Afghanistan because of sincere efforts of Pakistan. He said Imran Khan had been calling for resolving the Afghan dispute through dialogue since the day the USA and its allies launched as war in Afghanistan. And today, America and Taliban had admitted the utility of Imran Khan’s standpoint, he added.
Ch Mohammad Sarwar said: “… today war is dying down and peace is taking root in Afghanistan.” Under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan played a historic and decisive role in Afghan peace process, and Taliban-America peace accord was the victory of principled stand of the prime minister, he added. - APP