Brazil´s Bolsonaro fires aide who flew on Air Force jet from Davos
BRASILIA: President Jair Bolsonaro fired his deputy chief of staff for the second time this week, after the official used a Brazilian Air Force plane to fly from Davos, Switzerland, to New Delhi last week.
The costly trip has drawn extensive public criticism amid mounting allegations of corruption by Bolsonaro’s administration.
Bolsonaro first fired the official, Vicente Santini, on Tuesday when he returned from a state visit to India, calling his use of the plane “completely immoral.” Santini was reassigned to another position by Chief of Staff Onyx Lorenzoni.
After heightened public outcry, Bolsonaro told reporters on Thursday he was firing Santini definitively and said that the main policy area run by Lorenzoni´s office, the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI), would be moved to the Economy Ministry. – Reuters

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