PWPA issues advisory to avoid women’s cyber harassment
ISLAMABAD: The Punjab Women Protection Authority (PWPA) has issued an advisory to avoid cyber harassment encounters while keeping in view the increasing number of cyber bullying and harassment cases reported across the province, said an official of PWPA on Monday.
She said that such initiatives would help decrease work load on the existing human rights helpline services and would provide swift assistance to the survivors.
She added that the government had played a vital role to promote free flow of information and help citizens’ access to information and improve accountability and governance in the country.
The people should avoid complying with the demands of the blackmailers while facing cyber stalking whereas for setting up passwords, an internet user should avoid dictionary words, use combined alphabets, numbers and special characters, adding that people should always check their privacy setting also, she noted.
She added that the existing number of helpline facilities to extend legal assistance and protection to women facing violence and harassment on internet was insufficient to deal with a large number of cases being reported.
The purpose for starting a dedicated service at the provincial level was to overcome the incidents of violence against women as it would help initiate prompt action against the law violators, she maintained.
The helpline staff, she said would comprise of law experts who would provide legal assistance on behalf of the government.
She also said that the aim of the service was to help women and work out a solution though psychological counseling and provides legal advice referral system to victims of online harassment. - APP