Gunman opens fire at Dehli student protest against India’s citizenship law; 1 wounded
NEW DELHI: An unidentified man fired at a protest against India’s new citizenship law near a university in Delhi on Thursday, wounding one person, witnesses said, the first such incident in the capital city during more than a month of demonstrations.
Witnesses said the man holding a gun shouted slogans against the protesters near Jamia Millia Islamia University, before firing at them.
“The police stood nearby,” Ahmed Zahir, a witness, told Reuters. The man challenged protesters as they started marching from the university to the mausoleum of India’s independence leader Mohandas Gandhi on his death anniversary, said Ahmed Azeem, a Jamia Millia Islamia University spokesman.
A Reuters photograph showed the man, dressed in a black jacket and brandishing a single-barrel weapon, standing meters away from dozens of policemen deployed outside the university, where protesters had gathered for a march.
Police said they had subsequently detained the gunman. The man’s name wasn’t released. As he was taken away by police, the man told reporters he was named “Ram Bhakt Gopal”. – Agencies

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