Revived Biden earns endorsement from 3 ex-rivals in bid to halt Sanders
Houston: Joe Biden’s White House campaign received a dramatic boost when three of his ex-rivals including former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke endorsed him for president on the eve of the crucial Super Tuesday primaries.
The move marked an unprecedented turn in a fractured, often bitter campaign, with the Democratic establishment desperate to coalesce around a moderate candidate who can fight off surging leftist frontrunner Bernie Sanders and face President Donald Trump in November.
As the five remaining Democratic candidates made their final pitch to voters in 14 states, Biden was capitalizing on momentum he seized at the weekend with a blowout victory in South Carolina.
The 77-year-old former vice president is consolidating support among moderates eager to blunt the advance of Sanders, who could take a potentially insurmountable lead in the all-important delegate count after Super Tuesday.
Biden has been riding high with key endorsements that built into a political crescendo on Monday. - AFP