Russia rejects UN probe claim of ‘war crime’ in Syria
Moscow: The Kremlin on Tuesday rejected a claim by UN investigators that Russian airstrikes in Syria amounted to a war crime by indiscriminately targeting civilian areas.
The UN Commission of Inquiry on the rights situation in Syria said in its latest report on Monday it had evidence that Russian planes participated in two air strikes in Idlib and in rural Damascus last July and August that killed more than 60 people.
The UN report, which covers the period from July 2019 to January 10 this year, said there was evidence to prove Russian planes took part in both attacks, and that since they were not directed at military objectives they amounted to a “war crime”.
“We do not agree with such accusations,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, raising questions about the objectivity of the report.
“It is obvious that no commission could have received reliable information on what is happening on the ground,” Peskov said.
He added: “Nothing is said about the attacks by terrorist groups, which makes any judgement issued by this commission one-sided.” - AFP