Australian Associated Press to shut after 85 years in operation
SYDNEY: The Australian Associated Press (AAP) has said they will close their entire media operations, with the institution announcing on Tuesday their newswire service which supplies every major news outlet in the country is no longer viable.
Founded in 1935 and owned in partnership by News Corp, Nine Entertainment and Seven West, current editor in chief Tony Gillies said “We have had a place like no other in journalism”.
“We exist for the public’s interest and I now fear for the void left by the absence of AAP’s strong, well-considered voice.”
Set to impact the company’s 180 reporters, Gillies added that throughout the years, hundreds of the nation’s top journalists made their start at AAP and went on to have brilliant careers.
“Our reporters, photographers, videographers and production staff are second to none,” he said.
“They have been leading the country in breaking news for decades and showed the way for publishers in terms of the 24-hour news cycle.” – Xinhua