Health & Well Being

NCOC urges people to wear masks amid the rise of Covid 19 cases in Pakistan

With the rise of Covid-19 cases in Pakistan, the National Institute of Health took to the social media and announced

Mahnoor Jehangir March 19, 2023

Plastics in the oceans could triple by 2040 if left unattended

Plastics entering the world’s oceans have surged by an “unprecedented” amount since 2005 and could nearly triple by 2040 if

Mahnoor Jehangir March 10, 2023

Tranq Dope – A drug that Zombifies people by deteriorating the skin

With its catastrophic results, a new drug that apparently "Zombifies People's Bodies" by rotting their skin is causing alarms and

Mahnoor Jehangir February 24, 2023